Pokemon Director Congratulates Ash Ketchum on His Big Win

Longtime Pokemon composer and director Junichi Masuda has congratulated Ash Ketchum for finally winning a Pokemon League. Masuda posted his congratulations on Twitter earlier today after Ash won the Alola League in the latest episode of Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon. The perpetually 10 year old Ash has entered into seven Pokemon League tournaments since the start of his Pokemon journey 21 years ago. However, this marked the first time that Ash has actually won a tournament since the start of the series, and Masuda was quick to acknowledge the accomplishment.

Masuda is a founding member of Game Freak and has been involved with nearly every main series Pokemon game. Masuda served as the composer of Pokemon Red and Blue and was responsible for the game's iconic score, which was adapted into the Pokemon anime series. Masuda has also contributed character designs for the Pokemon anime, starting with the Advanced Generation series. Masuda also became a major guiding force for the Pokemon franchise, determining Pokemon designs and directing and producing most of the more recent games. Masuda also serves as the Director of the Board for Game Freak.

While Ash technically isn't a video game character, he was inspired by Red, the original player character from Pokemon Red and Blue. Unlike Red, who is considered by many to be the top trainer in the Pokemon world, Ash has perpetually fallen short in Pokemon League tournaments, although he did manage to make the semi-finals in the Sinnoh region and the finals in the Kalos region. Most Pokemon fans believe that Ash's win was overdue, and the win also raises some interesting questions about the future of the Pokemon series, which will start focusing on multiple regions later this year.