'Detective Pikachu' Card Confirms That Bulbasaur Is the Most Adorable Pokemon Pokemon Ever

A new Pokemon Trading Card confirms what many Pokemon fans have known from the first days of the [...]

A new Pokemon Trading Card confirms what many Pokemon fans have known from the first days of the franchise - that Bulbasaur is both #1 in the PokeDex and #1 in our hearts.

Earlier today, The Pokemon Company revealed a new Pokemon card for their upcoming Detective Pikachu set for the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Each card will feature Pokemon featured in the movie and will use images from the movies instead of traditional illustration. Today's reveal featured Bulbasaur, the adorable Grass-type Pokemon that was one of the three original Starter Pokemon in Pokemon Red & Blue.The new Bulbasaur card will be available at a special in-store event at participating retailers later this year.

While we don't know what Bulbasaur's role will be in the movie, the cute quadripedal Pokemon has gotten a lot more promotional time than either Charmander or Squirtle. We've seen Detective Pikachu and his human partner Tim follow a small pack of Bulbasaur (we believe the technical word for a gathering of Bulbasaur is a "flower bed") in the first trailer along with a close-up of Bulbasaur looking generally adorable in the trailer released last month. This new Pokemon card shows Bulbasaur peaking out behind a tree and smiling, as if to prove that Bulbasaur can look even more adorable than it did in the last trailer.

bulbasaur card

Friends, as a founding member of the Bulbasaur Fan Brigade, I can't tell you how happy I am that Bulbasaur is finally getting its due. Not only was Bulbasaur objectively the best starter Pokemon in Pokemon Red and Blue (a happy Bulbasaur could carry trainers through the first half of the game, while Charmander and Squirtle....could not), the Pokemon was also the best characterized out of all of Ash's original Pokemon. Bulbasaur remained at Ash's side longer than the mercurial Charizard or the ambitious Squirtle until he was called to serve as a mediator between the Pokemon at Professor Oak's lab, a role that he still serves in to this day. Selfless, loyal, adorable - Bulbasaur is basically the perfect Pokemon and it seems that Detective Pikachu plans to remind fans of this indisputable concrete fact.

Detective Pikachu will be released on May 10th.


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