Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Climactic Battle Scene Details Revealed

The Pokemon Worlds are going on now and it's the perfect community event for fans of the iconic [...]

The Pokemon Worlds are going on now and it's the perfect community event for fans of the iconic pocket monster series to come together and share the love of fandom. It's also a great place to get those delicious new details on the upcoming live-action Pokemon movie: Detective Pikachu. For those die-hard Charizard fans, braces yourselves - a battle is coming.

Our very own Megan Peters is live on the scene today when she discovered that there will be an epic battle between Detective Pikachu and Charizard in the upcoming film:

Though we've got wind of the battle itself, we don't have any casting news on Charizard at the moment which is honestly something our news team never thought we'd say but here we are. Knowing Charizard's fighting style and the gruff nature of the character Detective Pikachu, we can only imagine how this showdown will go down. Maybe Pikachu's ultimate attack will involve him throwing a hot cup of coffee in Charizard's face - it's anyone's guess.

Joking aside, this is actually really good news for those looking forward to the film. When Detective Pikachu was first announced, the live-action format and sans Danny DeVitto as Pikachu himself had many skeptical as to why this movie was even greenlit. But with more and more news filtering out and knowing we've got this to look forward to, maybe those opinions will start to shift into a more positive spotlight.

With Goosebumps' Rob Letterman at the helm as Director and the script being handled by Guardians of the Galaxy's Nicole Perlman and Gravity Falls' Alex Hirsch, it will definitely be an interesting experience to see how it all plays out.

Right now the movie is expected to hit theaters on May 10th of next year, though we recently learned that this date is subject to change. To catch up on all of the Detective Pikachu news, you can follow our community hub for the film right here to stay in the know!