'Pokemon Go's Newest Mythical Pokemon Is Now Available for All Players

Pokemon Go players around the world can now get their hands on the Mythical Pokemon Celebi.The [...]

Pokemon Go players around the world can now get their hands on the Mythical Pokemon Celebi.

The popular mobile game officially added the Pokemon earlier today as the reward for completing a series of Special Research tasks. Celebi was previously only available to those players who attended Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago earlier this year.

Celebi was the second Mythical Pokemon added to the Pokemon franchise and was first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver. Known as the Time Travel Pokemon, Celebi is said to have come from the distant future, although it can travel both forwards and backwards in time.

Players will need to complete a variety of tasks in order to encounter and capture the new Mythical Pokemon. The Special Research begins with players having to battle in multiple gym battles and a raid, and power up their Pokemon several times. From there, players will need to make new friends (using the game's Friendship feature), evolve Grass-Type Pokemon and Eevee, and eventually obtain a Gold Johto medal for catching 70 different species of Pokemon from the Johto region.

To help players with the new event, Pokemon Go is also holding a special Johto Festival event, which will increase the spawns of Pokemon from the Johto region all over the world. While Johto Pokemon have been in the game since spring 2017, the increased spawns should help newer players make progress towards their Johto Gold medal and help players capture and evolve Sunkern (which is one of the Special Research tasks.)

Players can take their time completing the Special Research, as it's a permanent edition to the game. The only requirement is that players first complete the first three parts of the Mew Special Research quest before they can start working on the Celebi Special Research. Players can also work on both the Mew and Celebi Special Research quests simultaneoously.