Darkrai is a Difficult Tier 6 Raid Boss in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go decided to play a trick on players hoping to defeat the game's newest Legendary Raid Boss. Earlier this week, Pokemon Go launched its annual Halloween event, which offered extra candy, new Ghost-type Pokemon, and even some special new costumed Pokemon. As part of the event, Pokemon Go also added a new Raid Boss - the Mythical Pokemon Darkrai. Darkrai was the perfect Raid Boss for the event, a Dark-type Pokemon known as the Nightmare Pokemon that is known for trapping humans and Pokemon within their dreams. However, battling Darkrai leads to a nasty surprise - the Pokemon is actually a Tier 6 Raid Boss.

While Pokemon Go only officially has five tiers of raids, the game actually has a secret sixth tier meant for the game's most powerful Pokemon. This gives the Raid Boss a lot more HP and raises its CP significantly. For reference, Darkrai has a CP of 65675 while a Raid Boss, making it the second most powerful Raid Boss to ever appear in Pokemon Go.

While Darkrai's Attack and Defense stats aren't any different than if it were a Tier 5 Raid Boss, the extra HP makes it impossible for three trainers to defeat. Even Level 40 players with a small army of Machamp would be unable to defeat Darkrai in a group of three players.

Darkrai's extra bulkiness has led to some controversy among Pokemon Go fans, since players need to work in large groups to defeat the Mythical Pokemon. Gathering groups of four or more can be tricky on short notice, and that means that it's harder to add Darkrai to your Pokedex or actually gather enough candy to make Darkrai viable as a gym or raid attacker. Also, we don't know when Darkrai is scheduled to leave the game - the Halloween event ends on November 1st, so it's possible that Darkrai could leave the game after just a few weeks.

Players who want to defeat Darkrai should have a team of strong Fighting-type or Bug-type Pokemon and a Raid group of at least four trainers. Darkrai will be available until at least November 1st at 1 PM PT.