Pokemon Go Holiday Event 2019 Live, Adding New Gen 5 Pokemon and More

Pokemon Go's holiday event has returned, bringing new Gen 5 Pokemon and much more. Live right now and lasting until January 1, the event -- like previous years -- is holiday themed and lets players catch holiday and winter-themed Pokemon. In addition to this, there's new Field Research tasks to knock out as well. In other words, if you thought you were going to get a break from Pokemon Go for the holidays, well, you're not.

That said, if you're looking to add some Ice type Pokemon to your collection -- such as Sneasel and Delibird -- this is the time to do it because the catch rates have been increased. Further, the game is making Cubchoo available to catch for the first time. For those that don't know: it's a bear cub and an ice-type that was first introduced in Generation V. It notably evolves into a Beartic at level 37. And of course, most importantly, there will be a Shiny Snover and Stantler available.

If none of this tickles your fancy, you will also be able to gobble up new costumed versions of the Pikachu evolutionary line and even a bell-decorated Stantler, which everyone needs at least one of. And there will also be more new Gen 5 Pokemon than just Cubchoo, such as Beartic and Cryogonal, the latter which will appear only near Glacial Lures. As for the aforementioned Delibird, there will be a Shadow version of the Pokemon to rescue.


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