Reward for Pokemon Go Killer Capture Increased to $110K

In August of 2016, a young man named Calvin Riley was shot in the chest while out walking and [...]


In August of 2016, a young man named Calvin Riley was shot in the chest while out walking and playing Pokémon Go in Aquatic Park in San Francisco. He died on the scene and, understandably, his family has been completely torn apart by his murder. It came out of nowhere. It was senseless. To make matters worse, the crime has gone unsolved since then. No suspects have been arrested, and the killer is still out there somewhere, living his or her life freely. Initially a $50,000 reward was offered for any information leading to the killer's capture. Today, that reward has more than doubled.

At a news conference on Monday near the spot where Riley fell, U.S. Rep Jackie Speir and Riley's mother announced (via SFGate) that the city of San Francisco would be matching the initial $50,000 reward on the family's behalf. Additionally, the U.S. Park Police, who are investigating the murder, are offering $10,000, bringing the total reward to $110,000.

"It's been hell. We're living a nightmare every day," Kariann Riley said. "We still feel like he's coming home." Speier said that they would not let this become a cold case. "It has ripped the family apart," she said."I think all of us who have young adult children who make their way around the city doing innocent activities — just doing normal, everyday activities — should not be in fear of being gunned down by a person and then have the crime go unsolved. It's just wrong."

Riley was only 20 years old. It's a strange and tragic case, but there's always hope that the killer is brought to justice. If you live in the San Francisco area and have any information that could lead to the discovery of the killer's identity, be sure to reach out to the authorities. Detectives are reportedly seeking two vehicles possibly connected to the event: a dark 06-09 Audi A3 Wagon, and a white 2013 four-door Hyundai Sonata. There are currently no known motives.