Pokemon Go Card Set Available Now

The Pokemon Trading Card Game's crossover with Pokemon Go has officially hit stores. The new "Pokemon Go" Pokemon TCG card set is officially available, featuring cards with art inspired by the hit mobile game. The new card set features notable Pokemon from Pokemon Go history, including Shiny versions of the original Starter Pokemon, a Mewtwo VMAX, and trainer cards representing Pokemon Go items. The new set also features a brand new gimmick – Ditto cards are randomly hidden via special "peelable" cards that feature a fake top layer that resembles other Pokemon cards. Each Pokemon Go product also contains a special code that can be redeemed for items in Pokemon Go. 

Unlike full-sized set, the Pokemon Go Pokemon TCG set is not available in traditional standalone booster packs. Instead, fans will have to buy special tins, boxed sets, or other Pokemon Go set products. One of the more notable products featuring Pokemon Go cards are the Special Team Collections, each of which features a different team leader. 

The most desirable cards in the set are the Mewtwo VSTAR alternate art cards. There are three alternate versions of the Mewtwo VSTAR – a Rainbow Rare, a Gold Rare, and an alternate art card. There's also a Rainbow Rare version of Dragonite VSTAR that's also expected to be a hot seller. 


The next full card set after Pokemon Go is Lost Origin, a new card set that reintroduces the Lost Zone mechanic and brings in more Pokemon from Pokemon Legends: Arceus. One more Pokemon Trading Card Game set is expected to be released in 2022 after Lost Origin and then the card game will likely transition to a new "Scarlet and Violet" set incorporating Pokemon and concepts from the pair of new Pokemon games.