Pokemon Go Adds More Storage, Search Filters as Kalos Celebration Event Launches

Pokemon Go has introduced several new quality of life updates that coincide with the launch of its Kalos Celebration event in different parts of the world. Pokemon Go is rolling out its "Go Beyond" update this week, bringing a ton of different new features and changes to the game. This afternoon, the game added several new quality of life features, including the ability to increase Pokemon storage to 4,000 slots and new recommended search filters. As with other storage increases, players will need to use their PokeCoins to increase their storage by purchasing additional slots from the in-game store. The recommended search filters, meanwhile, will appear whenever a player taps on the search bar in their Pokemon storage screen. Other recently confirmed changes include a buff to certain Berries, increased XP for catching Pokemon, and increased Stardust for catching certain Pokemon.

The above changes went into effect in conjunction with a changeover of several other Pokemon Go features for December. Players now earn either Lapras or Unovan Daramuka encounters when completing a Field Research Breakthrough. They also can now battle Mega Abomasnow in Mega Raids, and face Kyurem in Legendary Raids.

Today also marked the beginning of the Season of Celebration, the first "themed season" in Pokemon Go. For the next three months, certain Pokemon will spawn more often based on what Hemisphere you are playing in, and events will match the season's theme. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the "Kalos Celebration" event, which will focus on introducing new Pokemon first seen in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y to the game. Pokemon Go previously increased the Level Cap to Level 50, and also made several overhauls to its competitive Go Battle League.

The Kalos Celebration event will start at 10 AM local time on December 2nd. Other events are also planned for the rest of the month.