Pokemon Go Is Adding Terrakion Raids and a New Shiny

Pokemon Go is kicking off another event soon to close out November with Terrakion Raids coming to the game along with a new Shiny Pokemon. Niantic announced its plans for the rest of November’s events in a post on the game’s site and said a Shiny Tentacool and the Terrakion Raids will be available before the month is over. The two will be part of separate events though, so players will have to be active throughout the rest of the month and into December if they want to take part in everything.

The Shiny Tentacool is the latest Pokemon to catch that players will see before the Terrakion arrival. This special version of Tentacool is part of the “Supereffective Week” event that’s scheduled to take place from November 19th to November 26th. The event is all about learning and utilizing Type advantages, and Niantic said that if players are lucky, there’s a chance they’ll encounter a Shiny Tentacool in their travels.

Other typical bonuses like double the Stardust from Trainer Battles and more Potions and Revives from visiting PokeStops will also be live throughout the duration of the event.

Once you’ve caught yourself a Shiny Tentacool and have done everything the event has to offer, you’ll have to wait until November 26th to go after Terrakion. The massive Pokemon will become a five-star raid as soon as the Supereffective Week ends, and those raids will be live until December 17th.

“Terrakion, the Cavern Pokémon, is coming to five-star raids!” the post said about the upcoming Pokemon Go event. “This Rock- and Fighting-type Legendary Pokémon is said to be strong enough to destroy an entire castle! It’ll be in your favor to challenge it with Water-, Grass-, Fighting-, Ground-, Psychic-, Steel-, and Fairy-type Pokémon.”


Just after the raids begin, Pokemon Go players will have one more event to take part in. The “Friend Fest” event begins on November 27th and runs until December 2nd where players will have chances to earn more bonuses and encounter family-themed Pokemon like Nidoran.

Pokemon Go’s first event begins on November 19th when Supereffective Week starts, and you can read up on that and more here.