Pokemon Go Reveals When Mysterious Ultra Bonus Reward Will Be Announced

Pokemon Go plans to announce the reward for players completing all three Global Challenges on September 10th.

The mysterious "Ultra Bonus" reward was announced at the beginning of this summer as part of Pokemon Go's worldwide tour of live events. Each live event (a Safari Zone in Dortmund, Germany, Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago, and a Safari Zone in Yokosuka, Japan) came with a Global Challenge that required players around the world to collectively complete 1.6 million Research tasks over a two day period.

For each Global Challenge completed, players got a number of in-game bonuses over the next week, along with a special mini-event that allowed players to raid for a specific Legendary Pokemon (and its Shiny Counterpart). However, Pokemon Go has stayed mum on what exactly the Ultra Bonus is, leading to plenty of speculation by fans.

The two most popular theories to date is that the ultra bonus will either begin the rollout of "Gen 4" Pokemon or somehow add the Mythical Pokemon Deoxys to the game. Deoxys and its various forms have been in the game's code for months, and players have wondered when this powerful Pokemon would finally be available for players to capture.

One theory suggests that the Ultra Bonus would unlock a "Mewtwo Day" event giving all players a chance to capture the Legendary Pokemon (who is currently only available as a EX Raid Boss), which in turn would give Pokemon Go an opportunity to add Deoxys as a new EX Raid Boss. This would give those players who haven't gotten an EX Raid Pass a chance to finally capture Mewtwo, while keeping the controversial Raid system relevant for the next year or so.


Of course, players still need to complete one final Global Challenge in order to unlock the Ultra Bonus. Pokemon Go's final Global Challenge will start on September 1st and run through September 2nd. Players can unlock Stardust Bonuses and a Moltres Day mini-event for participating.