Pokemon Celebrates Lechonk With Game Promos, Merchandise, and More

The Pokemon Company is celebrating everyone's favorite piggy Pokemon. The Pokemon Company has announced a brand-wide celebration of Lechonk, which includes a new line of merchandise, giveaways, and more. Starting today, the online Pokemon Center will release a line of Lechonk-themed merchandise, which includes an amazing new Lechonk t-shirt, several pins, and a brand new Lechonk plush. Additionally, The Pokemon Company released a thirty-second video showing Lechonk searching for berries before running away in terror of the video's narrator. 

Lechonk is also getting a spotlight at Best Buy and GameStop, where fans can collect a special Lechonk promo card as part of the new Scarlet & Violet set release. Additionally, GameStop is also giving away codes for a special Flying Tera-Type Lechonk, which plays upon the theme that pigs can fly. Pokemon Unite is also getting on the Lechonk action, with log in gifts focused on the delightful pig Pokemon. 

Finally, the Pokemon TV app (which streams episodes of the Pokemon anime for free online) is celebrating Lechonk by airing Pokemon episodes that feature berries, one of Lechonk's favorite treats. These episodes will be available through April 14th. 

Lechonk is a Normal-type Pokemon that hails from the Paldea region, which is featured in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The Pokemon is the region's common Normal-type Pokemon and can be found throughout most of the region, particularly in low-level areas. The Pokemon evolves into Oinkologne, a Pokemon with the rather useful ability Lingering Aroma. Lingering Aroma changes the Ability of any Pokemon who hits it with a physical attack to Lingering Aroma, which can suddenly negate an Ability in the middle of battle. While Lechonk and Oinkologne both have what look like yellow-y tears coming from their eyes, those are actually eyelash-like growths. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available now.