Pokemon Legends: Arceus Reportedly Getting Long-Awaited Feature Soon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is reportedly getting a long-awaited feature soon. The newest Pokemon game has been out on Nintendo Switch for two months. According to the game's 82 Metacritic score and according to how many copies it's been selling, Game Freak got a lot right with the game. However, that doesn't mean there's not plenty of room for improvement and additions, because there is. For example, some fans of the game continue to wait for the Pokemon Home update. That said, according to a new report, these fans won't have to wait for much longer. 

Taking to Twitter, a prominent Pokemon and Nintendo insider, Samus Hunter, recently teased that the update is coming this month, with an announcement on the horizon. Not only this, but apparently the same update is also coming to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl very soon as well.

"I was told back in February, and had mentioned it a while back in a comment, that the Pokemon Home update for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Legends Arceus compatibility was scheduled for April," said Samus Hunter. "So I think its announcement could be coming soon."

Now, none of this has been confirmed. Samus Hunter has proven reliable and reputable in the past, but they have also been off the mark in the past, so it's important to keep this in mind. Nonetheless, the tease is enough to have some Pokemon fans excited,

"I hope so! We've been waiting SO LONG for home connectivity for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl," reads one of the top replies. "The game is pretty much dying out if it hasn't already because people like myself can't replay it in fear of losing our Pokemon we've journeyed with! "

At the moment of publishing, Nintendo has not addressed this rumor in any capacity. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is available via Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED. For more coverage on the latest Pokemon game and all things Pokemon in general, click here.