Pokemon Scarlet and Violet YouTube Playlist Has Fans Wondering If News Is Coming Soon

Some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news could be on the horizon. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company created a playlist for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as a way for fans to find news about the upcoming Pokemon games. Fans immediately started to speculate that the new playlist was an indicator that some more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news was on the way, especially as a different video playlist – the "Pokemon News" playlist, which captures a wider range of Pokemon news videos – was also updated today and contains two hidden videos. 

So – does this mean that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news is actually on its way? Well, despite what the leakers will probably indicate in the coming hours when they catch wind of the YouTube playlist updates, probably not. While the Pokemon News playlist does have two videos currently unavailable, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet playlist does not. Furthermore, a search of the Japanese Pokemon YouTube video page shows that a similar Pokemon Scarlet and Violet playlist was made five days ago. It's more likely than not that the folks in charge of Pokemon's YouTube pages are just getting things set up for what's going to be an eventful summer. We will note that the more general "Pokemon video games" YouTube playlist has several hidden videos listed and also received an update today, so it's possible that something is coming down the pipeline. However, we can't tell whether those videos were already in the playlist or not, so it's possible that they are just some older videos or something related to a different Pokemon video game. 

Typically, when The Pokemon Company announces a new main series video game, they don't start seriously ramping up the news reveals until June. For reference, The Pokemon Company revealed Pokemon Sword and Shield back in February 2019, but didn't reveal the second trailer (which revealed the Legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta, and the Dynamax mechanic) until early June. Of course, things can change over the course of three years, but it's more likely than not that we're not going to more info about the games for a little while longer.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be released later this year.