Pokemon Switch Rumors Hit Fever Pitch as New Details Allegedly Leak

Alleged details about the next Pokemon game are starting to leak out.

Earlier this week, game industry insider Emily Rogers made several comments about the upcoming Pokemon Switch games. Her first comments came in a ResetEra thread, in which she claimed that the Pokemon games would be released this year and would feature two versions (similar to almost every non-sequel Pokemon game in the past.)

She followed up on these comments on her blog yesterday evening, in which she said that the new games were influenced by the success of Pokemon Go and that we could see an accessory for the new games similar to the "Pokemon Go Plus" peripheral device. She also said the branding of the games would "raise a few eyebrows" when it was announced by the end of May.

Shortly after her post, the following logo appeared on 4chan, along with a list of alleged rumors (which actually came from an older 4chan post made in late March).

pokemon lets go logo

The name of the games will be allegedly be Pokemon: Let's Go and will be remakes of Pokemon Yellow. The game's starters will allegedly be Pikachu and Eevee, and each Pokemon will have their own version of the game. So, we'll allegedly have a Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu Edition and a Pokemon Let's Go Eevee Edition.

While the games will be set in the Kanto region, Red/Ash/Satoshi won't be the main character. Instead, he and Blue will be the rivals to a new protagonist that the players will control. Pokemon will follow their trainers and the PokeRide function from Pokemon Sun and Moon will still be a thing.

But the craziest rumors is that the game will integrate with a player's Pokemon Go account and that catching a Pokemon will be similar to how Pokemon are caught in Pokemon Go....which probably means motion controls that mimic tossing a PokeBall at a wild Pokemon.

There have been plenty of Pokemon Switch rumors in the past, but Emily Rogers seemingly confirmed the leaks were legitimate on ResetEra, and the Twitter account PixelPar (which has posted a variety of true and false information about the Pokemon Switch games) revealed that he had teased the information above in drawings that he had posted in previous tweets. Several other insiders have also hinted that the leaks seem legitimate. There's also an alleged screenshot from the game that appeared online months ago that showed Eevee sitting on a trainers' head as they navigated one of Kanto's sea routes.


While some people might be upset that we're not getting a truly "new" Pokemon game this year, the alleged game actually seems like a smart call on Game Freak's part. Pokemon Yellow is an extremely popular Pokemon game, the Kanto region is a longtime favorite for players, and this gives Game Freak more time to develop a more innovative Switch game while still helping Nintendo cement the Switch as the big console in the video game world. Plus, Pokemon Go integration should help that mobile game stay relevant in the coming years and push those casual players into buying a Switch/traditional Pokemon game.

As with all rumors, take this with a grain of salt, but there are a lot of people in the know who seem to think these rumors are legitimate.