Pokemon Masters Made $26 Million in First Week

Pokemon Masters is the latest mobile Pokemon experience from The Pokemon Company, and it seems like it faired quite well with fans during its opening week. It brought in over $25 million in revenue, according to Sensor Tower, which puts it above other recent mobile Pokemon games when comparing how each of them did in their first week. It still trailed far behind Pokemon Go, but it's opening week was leagues ahead of games like Pokemon Magikarp Jump.

Sensor Tower reported on the estimates for Pokemon Masters' first week of earnings and said the mobile game brought in approximately $26 million in the first week it was available. As a free-to-play game that puts its microtransactions right out there for players to dabble in, this means the earnings were entirely driven by players making these optional choices.

Comparing the first week of profits to other games, the next three Pokemon games following Pokemon Masters were Pokemon Quest with $3 million, Pokemon Magikarp Jump with $1 million, and Pokemon Rumble Rush with $300,000. Pokemon Go towers above the other games at $56 million for its opening week, and even more impressive feat considering that number only takes into account the spending in Australia, Germany, Great Britain, New Zealand, and the United States.

Players in Japan contributed the most to Pokemon Masters' profits with $16 million of the estimated earnings coming from that region, not a surprising statistic considering the influence of Pokemon and mobile games within the country. The United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and France composed the rest of the top five regions for Pokemon Masters spending.

Though it just launched not long ago, Pokemon Masters' also has reached 10 million downloads already according to one of the updates from the game's official Twitter account. Its first event is already live and will be available until September 29th, an event called "Reach for the Top" which includes the Sync Pair of Blue and Pidgeot.


As for future content, Pokemon Masters can expect the mobile game to have new features added every month. Events and more characters – potentially professor characters – will be added, though the game might not include any content from spin-off Pokemon games like Pokemon Snap.