Pokemon Masters Reveals Two Sync Pairs From Classic Pokemon Games

Pokemon Masters has started to reveal which Pokemon and trainers will be available for players to [...]

Pokemon Masters has started to reveal which Pokemon and trainers will be available for players to add to their team. Last week, The Pokemon Company and mobile game developer DeNA provided a brand new look at Pokemon Masters, an upcoming mobile game focused on Pokemon battles. While most Pokemon games involve capturing and training Pokemon, Pokemon Masters will allow players to collect "Sync Pairs," teams of one trainer and one Pokemon that can be added to a player's roster and used in more elaborate Pokemon battles. The trainers will come from the full line of Pokemon games, ranging from Pokemon Red and Blue to Pokemon Sun and Moon, with many fan-favorites making some return appearances.

Earlier this week, Pokemon's Twitter account revealed two of the Sync Pairs that will appear in Pokemon Masters: Red and Charizard and Clair and Kingdra. Red was the main protagonist of the first three Pokemon games and has made multiple appearances in subsequent games as a powerful Pokemon Master. While Red's signature Pokemon is usually Pikachu, he's using his Charizard as Pikachu will be available as a starting Pokemon for players in Pokemon Masters.

Clair is another trainer with a long history in the games, first appearing in Pokemon Gold & Silver. Clair is the most powerful of the Johto Gym Leaders and an experienced Dragon-type Trainer. Her abilities are said to be on par with the Elite Four and her only loss prior to Pokemon Gold & Silver was to Lance, her cousin and the champion of the Kanto and Johto regions (as Red took a leave of absence as Champion during the Pokemon Gold & Silver games). Although Clair is better known for using a Dragonair in the main series games, her Sync partner in Pokemon Masters will be her Kingdra, another key part of her team in both the games and anime series.

You can check out how both trainers will look in Pokemon Masters below:

Over 60 different trainers will initially appear in Pokemon Masters and more trainers will be added post-release. Pokemon Masters will be released later this summer.