Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's New Mystery Gift Code is One of the Best Yet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players have been treated to a number of Mystery Gift codes since the game released on Nintendo Switch last year, but some of those have been more helpful than others. This month, players can redeem one of the best codes thus far, as the code TERATYPECHANGE will reward players with 50 Fighting Tera Shards. That's exactly the number needed to change a Pokemon's Tera type, and this is just the second time the game has offered Tera Shards through a Mystery Gift, after offering Ice Tera Shards via code all the way back in December!

To claim a Mystery Gift in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, players must first bring up the main menu in either version of the game. There, players will find the "Mystery Gift" option from "Poke Portal," which is the last option that appears on the screen. Players can then enter the Mystery Gift code in the section marked "get with code/password." Each code can only be used once; as long as the player hasn't already redeemed the code or it hasn't expired, the Mystery Gift will appear. Once players have their 50 Fighting Tera Shards, they can be used to change a Pokemon's Tera type by going to the Treasure Eatery in Medali. That's the same place where the gym battle against Larry takes place.

Tera Shards can be a bit of a nuisance to acquire, so it's really helpful when The Pokemon Company does these giveaways! Tera types are a new addition to the Pokemon franchise, debuting in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Choosing the right Tera type for a Pokemon can completely turn the tide of battle, because it can allow a Pokemon to shift away from its weakness if used when the Tera Orb is full. For example, a Psychic-type is at an extreme disadvantage when battling a Dark-type; however, if the Psychic-type Terastallizes into a Fighting-type, they just might pull off an upset!

Do you plan to take advantage of this Mystery Gift? How do you feel about Tera types in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

[H/T: Serebii]