Pokemon Sword and Shield: Crown Tundra Players Discover Bizarre Dragonite Bug

Pokemon Sword and Shield's The Crown Tundra DLC brought back a number of fan favorite Pokemon, including Dragonite. Fans are eager to have the Dragon-type back in the Nintendo Switch game, but a bug related to the Pokemon has already been discovered. Dragonite is supposed to learn the move Outrage at level 71, but due to an error in the game's code, it learns it at level 41, instead. Since Dragonair evolves into Dragonite at level 55, this means that a Dragonite obtained in The Crown Tundra can only learn the move via the Move Reminder found in any Pokemon Center in the game.

The glitch was discovered and shared by Serebii.net's Joe Merrick. It's a very minor bug, with a fairly easy fix. In fact, players that have brought over a Dragonite from Pokemon Home might not have even noticed the issue, as low-level Dragonite can be transferred from Pokemon Go or Pokemon: Let's Go.

There's a good chance that The Pokemon Company will eventually add a fix to the game to correct the Dragonite bug. Given how easy it is for players to teach the move to their Dragonite, it probably won't be a top priority, but given the fact that Dratini and Dragonair both learn the move much later, a fix will probably come just to keep things in their correct place.

The Crown Tundra DLC is the second half of the expansion released for Pokemon Sword and Shield. To obtain The Crown Tundra, players must purchase it alongside The Isle of Armor as part of the game's Expansion Pass. However, those looking to simply obtain a Dragonite in the game can also do so through Pokemon Home, or by trading with another player. It might even help them learn Outrage without having to go through a Pokemon Center!


Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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