Pokemon Sword and Shield Will Introduce a Way to Unlock Gigantamax Forms

Pokemon Sword and Shield's upcoming DLC is introducing a way for players to unlock their Pokemon's ability to Gigantamax. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company confirmed that the upcoming Isle of Armor DLC will include an item that will allow players to unlock their Pokemon's Gigantamax potential. Players can collect items around the Isle of Armor to make Max Soup, an item that can give any Pokemon with "hidden great potential" the ability to Gigantamax. There is currently no indication about how hard Max Soup will be to make, but it does appear to be related to the reveal that players' Starter Pokemon will also have their Gigantamax ability unlocked as part of the Isle of Armor DLC.

Today's news solves one of the biggest problems with Pokemon Sword and Shield - namely that players often had to choose between a Pokemon that had raised and travelled with or a Pokemon that could Gigantamax. Previously, players could only obtain Gigantamax Pokemon from Max Raid Battles, which meant that the vast majority of Pokemon (including Starter Pokemon or Pokemon transferred from previous games) could not Gigantamax. This was a deliberate feature of Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it proved to be a divisive one among many fans.

Other new features that will be introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor DLC are new Tutor Moves like Burning Jealousy, that will burn any Pokemon that had their stats boosted on that turn, and Grassy Glide, a move that gains high priority when used on Grassy Terrain. Additionally, there's a new device called the Cram-o-matic, a recycling device that produces 1 item for every 4 that is put in. The Pokemon Company also revealed Galarian Slowbro, a new Pokemon that will appear on the Isle of Armor.

Pokemon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor DLC will be released on June 17th.