Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Free Alola Cap Pikachu

The rollout of unique Pikachu variants in Pokemon Sword and Shield continued this week with the release of a Pikachu wearing Ash’s Alola cap. Like the other Pikachu before it, you can get this one for free just by submitting a code that’ll grant you the new Pokemon right away. This is the seventh such Pikachu to release so far, so if you haven’t been redeeming your codes, you’ve got a lot of different hats waiting for you.

Alola Cap Pikachu can easily be added to your Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield team by entering the code released by the official Play Pokemon Twitter account this week. The code you’ll want to put in is ULTRAP1KA, and once you do, you’ll get the Pikachu below.

For those who haven’t been submitting their codes yet and aren’t sure how to do it, all you have to do is go to the games’ Mystery Gift component first. Once there, select the “Get a Mystery Gift” option and choose the option that prompts you to enter a password. Enter the code above and you’ll either have the Pikachu come straight to your party if you’ve got an open slot or to your Pokemon Boxes if you’re all full. Now you can have a full team of hatted Pikachu with one on standby should you ever need to swap someone out for a while.

The cap this Pikachu wears is the same one you would’ve seen Ash wearing in Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon. Other regions featured in the Pikachu giveaways include Unova, Sinnoh, and Hoenn among other variants.


The hatted Pikachu is far from the only new Pokemon Sword and Shield content that released though, so after you get your Pikachu, you’ve still got a lot to do if you’ve got the games’ expansion passes. The Crown Tundra released this week as part two of the expansion pass following Isle of Armor with this new expansion sending players to the frigid tundra in search of Pokemon new and old.

Some Pokemon are exclusive to the different versions in The Crown Tundra, so you’ll need to trade with others if you want to complete your Pokedex. There are also plenty of Legendary Pokemon to find which should keep players busy for a while as they look for brand new Legendaries and unique takes on preexisting ones.