Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get a Free Hoenn Cap Pikachu

The Pokemon Company announced the arrival of not just one special Pikachu recently but several different variations of the iconic Pokemon coming to Pokemon Sword and Shield. The first known as the Ash Hat Pikachu sported the Trainer’s signature hat while the others pay tribute to different chapters and regions in the Pokemon franchise. After giving away the first of the hatted Pikachu during a presentation related to the Sword and Shield expansion pass, another one is now up for grabs with the Hoenn Cap Pikachu now available.

To get the Hoenn Cap Pikachu, all you have to do is enter the correct code in Pokemon Sword and Shield. That code was tweeted out by the official Play Pokemon Twitter account this week, and for those who want the special Pikachu, the code is P1KAADVANCE.

A preview of the Hoenn Hat Pikachu can be seen below to show you what you’ll get once you enter in the code.

If you’ve never participated in a code-required giveaway like this in Pokemon Sword and Shield and aren’t sure what to do with the code, all you have to do is go into the Mystery Gift feature and enter the code above. You’ll be awarded the Hoenn Hat Pikachu for your efforts which will bring you one step closer to having a whole team full of hatted Pikachu.


A total of eight different Pikachu variants will be given out to Pokemon Sword and Shield players over the course of the promotion. The first of these Pokemon was released on September 29th with the second one made available on October 2nd which indicates we’ll likely get the rest at a steady pace until all eight are out.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield presentation where the Pikachu promotion was announced gave Pokemon players much more to look forward to than just some hatted Pokemon. It also revealed a release date for not only the next part of the expansion pass called The Crown Tundra but also a release date for a bundle that’ll come with one of the games and both parts of the expansion. We also got our first look at the Galarian Slowking that’ll be introduced in the next part of the expansion when it’s available.