New Pokemon Sword and Shield Event Announced

A new distribution event for Pokemon Sword and Shield has been announced to take place in the coming weeks. While many fans are likely more focused on the upcoming releases of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Game Freak has continued to support Sword and Shield routinely since both games launched in 2019. And even though that support will likely be coming to an end soon, Game Freak is now looking to give Sword and Shield players some free Pokemon in the coming weeks. 

Starting on August 12th, Game Freak is going to allow players to unlock Ash's team from the Pokemon Journeys animated series. This lineup of Pokemon includes Dragonite, Dracovish, Lucario, Gengar, Sirfetch'd, and of course, Pikachu. All six Pokemon will be available to download on a rotating basis in Pokemon Sword and Shield starting later this week and will continue into the coming month. Pikachu, in particular, will be appearing in the game as "World Cap Pikachu" and will be downloadable beginning on August 11th via a unique distribution event of its own. 

As for the other five Pokemon in mention, here's when they'll become available to obtain in Pokemon Sword and Shield

  • Dracovish – August 12th
  • Dragonite – August 26th
  • Gengar – September 2nd
  • Sirfetch'd – September 9th
  • Lucario – September 16th  

So if you're looking to obtain these Pokemon for yourself, how do you go about doing it? Well, Game Freak is going to distribute unique codes that players will then be able to redeem to obtain all of these Pokemon in mention within Sword and Shield. The event as a whole is only being planned for those in Japan, however, the codes that will be given should work across all versions of the games. So if you're located in other territories outside of Japan, you should still be able to take part in this event in the coming weeks. 


Are you going to look to snag all of these Pokemon for yourself in this forthcoming Sword and Shield event? Or have you stopped playing the most recent mainline installments in the series? Let me know either down in the comments or shoot me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

[H/T Serebii]