Pokemon Sword & Shield Release Date Reportedly Leaked

Since Nintendo revealed Pokemon Sword & Shield, it hasn't really shed any additional details on the pair of games. And it probably won't until E3 this June. However, as you will know, the Internet doesn't patiently wait for anything. If you don't provide it some news and updates, it will dig up the information itself. And that's exactly what has happened: there's a new rumor floating around that provides a detailed rundown of Nintendo's plans for the gen-8 Pokemon titles, which includes a release date.

According to the leaked schedule for the games, the pair will release somewhere between November 15 and November 20, which seems quite possible. Not only do Pokemon games tend to release in this window, but the window includes both a Tuesday and a Friday, the most common days for big games to release.

The leak also claims that a new trailer for the games will release on May 10, which may mean we're getting a release date announcement before E3. May 10 is less than two weeks away, so, if this leak is inaccurate, we should know very soon. If a new trailer does drop on May 10 and the box art is revealed on May 15, as the leak claims it will be, well, then there's probably something to this.

Anyway, here's the full rundown of Nintendo's plans for the game:

  • May 10: New trailer

  • May 15: Corocoro reveal of the box art
  • June 27 – A panel at Salt Lake City Comic Con

  • July 10 – Gen 8 Funko Pops

  • July 20 – A panel at San Diego Comic Con

  • August 29 – Panel at a PAX

  • September 12 to 14 – Tokyo Game Show

  • September 15 – More reveals from Corocoro magazine

  • October 4 – New York Comic Con and a promotional tour

  • October 11 – More promotional tours, one in Europe and the other in one of the Americas

  • October 12 – Panel at PAX Australia and an Australian promotional tour

  • November 2 – Nintendo and Game Freak event at EGX Berlin

  • November 15 to 20 – Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Release Date

As you can see, there's no word of when Nintendo will announce a release date. Further, there's no mention of E3, which seems to suggest Nintendo won't be bringing the games to the show, which seems strange.

Of course, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt or two. We're dealing with 100 percent unverified information here. Sometimes leaks like this are a goldmine of info, other times they are completely and utterly hot garbage.

Pokemon Sword & Shield are in development for the Nintendo Switch, and are poised to release sometime this year.

Source: Reddit via Game Rant



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