Pokemon Sword and Shield Player Gets Wrong Shiny After Nearly 600 Eggs

Pokemon Sword and Shield players put in a lot of time and effort when hunting for Shiny Pokemon in [...]

Pokemon Sword and Shield players put in a lot of time and effort when hunting for Shiny Pokemon in the Nintendo Switch game. Often, this means hatching hundreds of eggs in search of the exact Pokemon they're looking for. Reddit user Shrub_Shrubbery was doing just that, hatching 580 eggs in search of a Shiny Salandit. When they finally did hatch the Shiny, they made a disappointing discovery: this Shiny Salandit was a male. Unfortunately, the male Salandit cannot evolve in the game, while the female evolves into Salazzle at Level 33. After all that effort, Shrub_Shrubbery was no closer to the Pokemon they had been chasing!

The original Reddit post can be found embedded below.

Unfortunately, this is just how Shiny hunts go sometimes, especially for Pokemon that have very specific guidelines to evolve. Combee is a similar Pokemon where only the female can evolve into Vespiquen. These unique evolutions add some nice variety to the game, but they certainly make things a bit harder on those hunting for Shinies!

While this might not be the Pokemon that Shrub_Shrubbery was looking for, it seems that the Shiny Salandit won't be going anywhere. Some Reddit posters expressed concern that this Pokemon might end up getting released, but apparently Shrub_Shrubbery plans on keeping the little guy anyway, even if it wasn't the Pokemon that they were after in the first place.

Shiny Pokemon do not offer any real advantage over their regularly colored counterparts, but they do have unique color combinations that set them apart from the rest of the crowd. Some of these color changes can be pretty minor, while others are drastic. Salandit's default coloration features a gray body with a black head. The Shiny version's head is the same color, while the body is a bright white. When it evolves into Shiny Salazzle, however, almost the entire Pokemon turns white, including the head. The color scheme looks somewhat similar to the costume that Marvel's Ghost-Spider wears. It's not hard to see why some players would put in the extra effort to get this one!

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