Pokemon Sword and Shield Introduces Sirfetch'd

Pokemon Sword and Shield has formally introduced the world to Sirfetch'd, the knightly evolution of Farfetch'd. The Pokemon Company posted a brief video showing off Sirfetch'd, the new Galar regional evolution of Farfetch'd. Sirfetch'd carries around both a shield made of leaves and a large stick-like lance, which it uses to attack enemies. While there's still a lot we don't know about Sirfetch'd, it is confirmed that the Pokemon is a Fighting-type Pokemon and has the ability Steadfast, which increases its Speed whenever it flinches. Notably, Sirfetch'd is exclusive to Pokemon Sword, which has raised questions whether we'll be getting another Farfetch'd evolution for Pokemon Shield or some other kind of regional evolution.

Sirfetch'd is an example of the new regional evolutions seen in Pokemon Sword and Shield. These are evolutions exclusive to a certain region and are the next step in the regional Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Sun and Moon. While Farfetch'd couldn't evolve in other games, it gained the ability to evolve in the Galar region when it experiences a number of fights. According to the official description of the Pokemon, Sirfetch'd always battles fairly and is famous as the subject of a portrait depicting it dueling an Escavalier. Sirfetch'd prizes its leek lance more than anything else and will retire from battling once the leek withers.

Sirfetch'd will also be able to learn the new move Meteor Assault, a devastatingly powerful attack that leaves Sirfetch'd unable to make a move on the following turn. Sirfetch'd is the only Pokemon that can learn Meteor Assault.

We'll note that the Pokemon Company originally planned to give Sirfetch'd an evolution in Pokemon Gold and Silver, but scrapped the Pokemon during development. That evolution turned Farfetch'd into more of a swan-like Pokemon with a leek that it used like a samurai sword.

Pokemon Sword and Shield comes out on November 15th.