Pokemon Sword and Shield Gives Players the Chance to Get a Shiny Zerarora

Pokemon Sword and Shield players have a chance to battle a Mythical Pokemon in the wild. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company announced that players can participate in a special Max Raid Battle featuring the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora. Zeraora will appear in 3-Star to 5-Star raids, with Shiny Zeraora appearing in some 5-Star raids. As with the Max Raid Battle against Mewtwo, players can't catch Zeraora, but the Pokemon Company will distribute Shiny Zeraora to all players in Pokemon Home if at least one million players defeat Zeraora in the game. Players will also receive a number of Armorite Ore based on the number of players who beat Zeraora, which can then be used in the Isle of Armor to learn new moves.

Zeraora is an Electric-type Pokemon that first appeared in 2018. The Pokemon appeared in Pokemon the Movie: The Power of Us and was available in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The Electric-type Pokemon is the only Pokemon who can use the move Plasma Fists, a powerful move that changes all Normal-type moves into Electric-type moves for the remainder of the turn. Since Zeraora has the ability Volt Absorb that causes any Electric-type moves used on him to restore his health, it's actually an incredibly powerful move.

This is the first time that players can actually battle a Zeraora in the wild, and is the first time that players can get a Shiny Zeraora. While players can't technically catch the Zeraora, this is a lot more engaging than typical Mythical content, which involves typing in a code and then getting a Pokemon from an NPC in a game.

Zeraora is appearing in Max Raid Battles between now and June 28th. Players are encouraged to battle the Mythical Pokemon often to guarantee getting a Shiny Zeraora in Pokemon Home!