Next Pokemon Card Set to Focus on the Kalos Region

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is continuing its tour of past regions with its next set.The Pokemon [...]

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is continuing its tour of past regions with its next set.

The Pokemon fan site PokeBeach revealed that the next TCG set will be called "Forbidden Light" and will focus on Pokemon from the Kalos region. That means we'll get new versions of popular Pokemon like Greninja, Zygarde, and Yveltal.

The Pokemon TCG seems to be touring alternate regions in 2018, as the upcoming "Ultra Prism" expansion set (which comes out in February) contains almost every Pokemon from the Sinnoh region first seen in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. We're guessing that "Forbidden Light" will contain all 72 "Gen 6" Pokemon in the 130 card set.

"Forbidden Light" will also add a few more Pokemon and characters originally seen in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, including a gorgeous looking Ultra Necrozma-GX card. Ultra Necrozma-GX is one of eight new GX cards introduced in the set, which have a special move that can only be used once per game. Other GX cards include Lucario-GX, Greninja-GX, Zygarde-GX, Yveltal-GX, and Naganadel-GX.

Ultra Necrozma is Necrozma's final form and one of the most powerful Pokemon in existence, so it makes sense that Ultra Necrozma would get an equally powerful GX card. Ultra Necrozma's GX-move allows a player to place 60 damage on every one of their opponent's Pokemon, but only if there are less than six prizes remaining to collect between both players.

You can check out the Ultra Necrozma-GX card below:

"Forbidden Light" will also contain a five new Prism cards, a special type of Pokemon card with souped up attacks and abilities. A player's deck can only contain one Prism card and once it's defeated it can't be revived. Arceus and four other Pokemon (which probably will all be Legendary or Mythical Pokemon) will all get Prism Cards in the new set.

"Forbidden Light" will come out in May 2018. If future sets all feature Pokemon from certain regions, than we'll like see Unova and Hoenn get featured sets later this year.