Pokemon TCG Makes Changes to Its Secret Rare Cards

The Pokemon Trading Card Game will be introducing some slight changes to its Full Art and Secret Rare cards. Earlier this week, the Pokemon Company released the first Japanese sets for the Sword & Shield series of Pokemon TCG cards. Not only do these cards introduce some new mechanics (like the Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX cards), they also have added some subtle changes to its holofoil, by adding a new style of pattern. With the release of the full Japanese sets, we've now learned that several other types of rare cards have also gotten some minor aesthetic changes.

One of the biggest changes is that Full Art Pokemon cards will now have background art. Previously, these rare holofoil cards had monotone backgrounds, so the new backgrounds should help the cards pop and stand out a little more. Additionally, VMAX cards all have textured holofoil, a feature previously reserved for "Secret Rare" cards in previous series.

Additionally, both Rainbow Rare cards and the Gold Ultra Rare cards have a new glitter effect in their holofoil, and trainer cards now have holofoil options. Another big change is that there are now less Rainbow Rare cards. These secret rare cards were previously made for every GX card in the Sun & Moon series, but Sword & Shield will only feature Rainbow Rare cards for VMAX and certain trainer cards.

While none of these changes impact gameplay, they should help differentiate between different card series and will give collectors something to look forward to. Secret Rare and Ultra Rare cards are typically the most sought after cards in various Pokemon TCG sets, with some selling for hundreds of dollars.

We can expect to see the Sword & Shield series launch in early 2020 in the USA and Europe.


(via PokeBeach)