'Pokken Tournament DX' Gets Highlight Trailer, Demo Coming Soon

Pokken Tournament DX is still a few weeks away from bringing the Pokemon universe to the Nintendo Switch for the first time, but the excitement is definitely in the air. With that, Nintendo has released a new TV ad for the game, highlighting some of the characters that are available in it, as well as highlighting how players can play locally with it.

The trailer, which can be seen above, offers a glimpse at some of the Pokemon characters that will be featured, including Decidueye, Charizard and Pikachu, and notes that it will feature a mixture of old and new characters alike. The full roster hasn’t been confirmed yet, but considering that the original Wii U game was pretty loaded with competition, we expect this version of be the same.

On top of that, along with playing against others online, Pokken Tournament DX will feature local versus action as well, which has become standard with the Switch. Two players can each use a JoyCon controller to take control of their characters and compete against one another, or play in docked mode and see how people fare on the big screen. It’s nice to have this option available, especially if you’re bringing the Switch to an event or something like that, and just need to chill with a little match-up.

But along with the trailer, there’s also the news that we could be getting a demo very soon. The official Pokemon Twitter page confirmed as such, noting, “Can’t wait for #PokkenTournamentDX? Keep an eye out for a downloadable demo coming soon to Nintendo eShop!” Although a release date wasn’t given, it seems like the demo could drop any day now – perhaps even this week, with Nintendo attending Gamescom and all. We’ll let you know when it’s available, and, more importantly, who you’ll be able to play as in the demo. Fingers crossed that Charizard makes the cut!

Pokken Tournament DX looks to be a pretty exciting release for the Nintendo Switch, and should definitely bring the fighting community back for more when it drops on September 22nd. We’ll bring you full coverage from the game following its release!