Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid PC Release Date Revealed

Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is now available on consoles, but fans have been awaiting the game's release on PC. Now nWay, Hasbro, and Lionsgate have finally announced when the game will hit the platform, and thankfully it's not too far away. Battle For The Grid will hit PC's on September 24th, and the version that launches there will come with all of the content that is currently available on consoles. That means PC players will get the full story mode, character voiceovers, crossplay, and direct match right off the bat, so at least the wait will have been worth it.

You can pick up the title on Steam for $19.99, and a collector's edition will be available for $39.99, which will include the full digital version of the game, the Season One Pass, the Lord Drakkon Evo II, and Kimberly Hart Pink Ranger skins. Those who pre-order the PC editions will also get the Tommy Oliver Green Ranger V2 skin.

"After the tremendous success of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid on console, we are proud to offer the PC version to gamers and Power Rangers fans around the world," said Taehoon Kim, co-founder and CEO of nWay. "We know that the introduction of the game on PC will allow a new audience of gamers to experience the fierce battles and incredibly fun action of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid."

You can check out the rest of what the PC version of Battle For The Grid includes below.

- An amazing roster of 12 starting characters to provide multiple fighting options. Characters include: Jason Lee Scott, Tommy Oliver, Gia Moran, Ranger Slayer, Magna Defender, Kat Manx, Mastodon Sentry, Goldar, Lord Drakkon, Udonna, Dragon Armor Trini and Cenozoic Blue Ranger. Additional characters are available for purchase as downloadable content, including Trey of Triforia, Jen Scotts, and Lord Zedd."

- Three Ultras to keep the action going: Dino Megazord, Dragonzord and Mega Goldar

- Seven Arenas including Zordon's Training Room, Harwood County Warzone, Mystic Forest, Lord Drakkon's Throne Room, Command Center, Corinth, Planet Earth: Cenozoic Era

- Collectibles include 120 collectible banners

- Multiple online gameplay modes include:

- - Ranked Mode: Match up against players from across the world in online battles and fight to earn League Points

- - Casual Mode: Similar to Ranked Mode, but without the pressure of losing League Points. This is the best place to practice with new characters or just to have fun

- Variety of Offline Modes include:

- - Versus Mode: Compete against another player or the computer

- - Arcade Mode: Fight in a series of battles that ultimately ends against the final boss

- - Training Mode: Hone your skills against training mode AI and utilize a variety of functions specifically tailored to training

- - Tutorial: Learn how to play the game's core mechanics by playing in a series of step-by-step instructions


Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and will hit PC on September 24th.

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