Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid Reveals Fan Favorites in New Expansions

Renegade Game Studios is back with two new additions to Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, and both feature several fan-favorite characters from the franchise. Heroes of the Grid will be getting two new packs of characters, and pre-orders will kick off on January 23rd. The two packs are the Ranger Allies Pack #3 and the Shadow of Venjix Theme Pack, and the packs bring favorites like Udonna, Kendall, Doctor K, Nate, Steel, and more into the game as playable characters. You can check out all of the cards up close right here, and you can find more details on both sets below.

Let's start with the Ranger Allies Pack #3. The new pack finally brings Mystic Force's Udonna to the game, as well as RPM's beloved mentor Doctor K. A favorite Dino Charge Ranger is also included in Dino Charge Purple Ranger Kendall Morgan, while villain-turned Ranger Karone from Lost Galaxy is also included in the set. Finally, the Alien Rangers get some love with the White Aquitar Ranger Delphine.

(Photo: Renegade Game Studios)

Meanwhile, Shadow of Venix features Power Rangers Beast Morphers' Gold and Silver Rangers, which are Nate (Gold Ranger) and Steel (Silver Ranger). We know Venix and Tenaya are included as villains, and the first preview also revealed some of the Words for the set.

Included will be the Gold Ranger's Wrecker Zord, which allows you to possibly get a card from your discard pile on top of your deck. The Silver Ranger's Jet Zord is also included, which allows any Ranger to choose 2 cards from their discard pile and place them on the bottom of their deck in any order and get a card back into your hand. It will also feature the Beast-X King Zord and the Beast-X King Ultrazord.

We'll find out the price and more details on each pack on January 23rd, but we already have some welcome details. Just for the Ranger lineup alone, the Allies Pack is a must, and Beast Morphers' Gold and Silver are two very welcome additions to the extensive playable roster. You can find the official description for Heroes of the Grid below.

"Angel Grove is under attack! Rita Repulsa has dispatched her evil army, and the town is beginning to panic. It's up to the Power Rangers to defend Angel Grove from these fearsome foes. Only by working together can they defeat Rita and restore peace. Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a cooperative board game that challenges your team of Power Rangers, each with your own unique combat deck, to work together and fight off the incoming horde. Go Go Power Rangers!"

Will you be picking up Shadow of Venix or the Ranger Allies Pack #3? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!