PlayStation Now Matches Xbox Game Pass With $1 Promotion

PlayStation Now typically goes for $9.99 a month at its least committal tier, but Sony is [...]

PlayStation Now typically goes for $9.99 a month at its least committal tier, but Sony is currently promoting an offer that gives away a month for even less than that. For a limited time, PlayStation Now subscribers can get a month for just $1, a deal which is conspicuously also offered by Xbox Game Pass and has been the norm there for a while. The PlayStation Now promotion is only live until March 29th though, so if you're interested in taking advantage of it, now's the time to do so.

The PlayStation Now offer appeared on the site set up for the PlayStation subscription service this week without much fanfare but was noticed by deal watchers such as Wario 64. The final tile on the PlayStation Now site typically advertises a one-month subscription for $9.99 but has been replaced temporarily by the new deal.

As is the case with these sorts of promotions, there are a few catches to the offer. It's only live until March 29th, for one, and it's only available for non-active subscribers. That means that if you already have a PlayStation Now subscription, you can't just add on another month for $1. You'll also be in charge of cancelling your own subscription after buying in at this price point or else you'll be charged the $9.99 monthly price once the promo expires and your subscription renews.

While a $1 entry point for a month isn't an uncommon deal for these sorts of services, it's one that PlayStation Now's main competitor, Xbox Game Pass, has routinely offered. In fact, Xbox offers one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1, the subscription that comes with Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass all in one. That bundle only goes for $14.99 a month itself which has made it an attractive offer for avid Xbox gamers looking to get the most out of their subscriptions. PlayStation offers no competing bundle and sells PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now separately from one another.

Sony recently ran a promotion that would give people $15 back in PSN credits if they purchased a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Now or PlayStation Plus. As part of Sony's "Play at Home" initiative, the company also recently made nine more games free to download for all PlayStation 4 users, and you don't even have to have PlayStation Plus to get those.