PlayStation Giving Some PS4 and PS5 Users $15

PlayStation is giving some PS4 and PS5 users $15. What's the catch? Well, if you already have a subscription to both PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, Sony doesn't have anything to give you. Further, the $15 isn't $15 of cash, but $15 of PSN credit that can be spent on the PlayStation Store on digital games. And of course, this offer is a limited-time deal.

Right now, over on the "Subscriptions" page of the PlayStation Store, Sony is running a special promotion for both PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. More specifically, when you make a purchase of a 12-month subscription for either you will be instantly awarded $15 in PSN credit. In other words, if you spend $60 on a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus or $120 on a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Now, you will get $15 of this back, making each virtually cost $45 and $105, respectively.

Of course, if you don't have a subscription to either, you can double up on this and get $30 of PSN credit, or in other words, pay $150 for a 12-month subscription to both rather than $180.

That said, this offer is only available to non-active subscribers and also can't be stacked. In other words, you can't buy five years of PlayStation Plus subscriptions and save $75 in the process.

As noted, this is a limited-time offer that is only available until March 23, also known as this coming Tuesday. And while this offer doesn't compare to Microsoft giving away Xbox Game Pass subscriptions for $1, it's a type of offer that doesn't come around very often.


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