PS4 Surprises PlayStation Players With Free New Stealth Release

PS4 has surprised PlayStation players with not just a new stealth release, but a new free stealth release. Today, Total Mayhem Games announced that its co-op puzzle adventure game, We Were Here, is coming to the PS4, via the PlayStation Store, and coming today. Meanwhile, the game's pair of sequels, We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together, will come to the Sony console later this month on February 23. Right now, there's been no word of the trio of games coming to PS5, but all will be playable on the console via backward compatibility.

There's a catch though. The game is only free until February 22. After this, it will return to its normal price. That said, if you download the game before then, it's yours to keep. In other words, this is not a free trial. It's a free download that's available for a limited time.

Right now, there's been no word if the game's sequels will be free for a limited time when they will release. What we do know is the first game is also free on Xbox One and PC for a limited time as well.

For those that don't know: Total Mayhem Games released We Were Here back in 2017 via the PC and the PC only. Then in 2019, the game came to Xbox One, and now it's available on PS4 as well.

"Each player has to explore different areas, and every puzzle requires teamwork to solve," reads an official pitch of the game. "Asymmetric puzzles give each partner different information, and challenge players to talk to each other and figure out exactly what information they have and how it might lead to a solution. You and your partner have nothing but your wits, a walkie-talkie each, and whatever you can find on your way."


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