Marvel Fan Jokes Wakanda Designed The PS5 And Nobody Caught It Until Now

Over on the PS5 Reddit page, Marvel Fans have pointed out that Avengers Infinity War and Wakanda -- basically -- designed and revealed the PS5 back in 2018 and nobody caught it to know. Of course, this is just Marvel fans having a bit of fun, but there's a reason the post shot to the top of the popular Reddit page. There's a tower in Wakanda that looks strikingly similar to the design of the PS5, which has been compared to various skyscrapers ever since it was revealed back in the summer.

Of course, the chances that Sony drew from Avengers Infinity War for the design of the PS5 are incredibly slim, but again, there's no denying the connection, even if it's artificial. The tower and PS5 look very similar, though the base of the building looks nothing like the PS5's stand.

Below, you can check out the Reddit post for yourself, courtesy of user Shadow_The_Thinker:

So Wakanda knew of Playstation 5 design before us? (Avengers Infinity War) from r/PS5

At the moment of publishing, the Reddit post has over 2,500 votes up, and over 30 comments, one of which astutely points out the building looks like a tower pulled straight from the original Halo trilogy, which is also very accurate.

The PS5 is available for $400 or $500, depending on what version of the console you're in for. And while it boasts a big, unconventional design, its shape and size are key in keeping the console cool, which is why it runs so quietly.


"Now that hours upon hours have been spent with it, we can safely say that the actual experience of playing the PlayStation 5 is quite honestly a delight," reads the opening of our review of the console. "What I suspect will come to define the new generation of consoles, regardless of which one you’re talking about, is relatively simple: beautiful graphics and seriously decreased load times.

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