New PlayStation Trademark Has PS3 Fans Excited

A new PS5 trademark has surfaced and is making the rounds, and it's sure to have PS3 fans, or at [...]

A new PS5 trademark has surfaced and is making the rounds, and it's sure to have PS3 fans, or at least some of them, very excited. The new trademark is more specifically a renewal, and it involves PlayStation Home. Yes, in 2021, Sony has renewed the PlayStation Home trademark. Now, trademark renewals can be misleading in a lot of ways. For one, they aren't always indicative of anything noteworthy or exciting, but they also can't always be entirely written off either.

To renew the PlayStation Home trademark, Sony has to prove it's doing something with the trademark. If it can't prove this, it will lose the trademark. Now, this could be Sony just protecting the trademark. It can do this for several years without much to show. It's also easy to prove the trademark is still viable and that it should be retained.

That said, over time, Sony will need to do something with the PlayStation Home trademark, or it will lose it. Does this trademark confirm that Sony is reviving the IP? No, but it does leave the door open for Sony to do something with the beloved, but increasingly forgotten IP.

For those that don't know: PlayStation Home is a virtual 3D social sim developed by Sony Londo Studio for the PS3 and PSN. Development of the service/game began back in early 2005 before it was released in open beta in 2008. And it never left open beta. In fact, when it was shut down in March 2015, it was still in beta. At the time of its closure, The Sims-like experience had over 41 million members, though a vast majority of these members were no longer active.

It's difficult to imagine PlayStation Home being revived as a PS5 game, but it would be perfect for PlayStation VR 2, which we know is in the works at Sony.

Speaking of Sony, it hasn't commented on the patent nor the speculation it has created. We don't expect this to change, but if it does, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. In the meantime, keep scrolling for the latest PlayStation news:

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