New PS5 Backwards Compatibility Details Reportedly Leaked

Some new PS5 backwards compatibility details have seemingly leaked via the PlayStation Store. [...]

Some new PS5 backwards compatibility details have seemingly leaked via the PlayStation Store. Unfortunately, there's still no word of PS3, PS2, or PS1, backwards compatibility, which Sony recently confirmed is not on the table right now due to a lack of resources. As for the new information, it more specifically comes way of PlayStation Store's web page source code, which appears to be having issues that lead to it revealing information not supposed to be seen on the consumer side of the storefront, at least not yet.

For example, there are messages that let the consumer know that while playing PS4 games on PS5, some functionalities may not be available. The message then links to information about PS5 backwards compatibility, but at the moment, the link is dead.

There's also a message letting the player know if a PS5 boost mode is available with said game, plus the following message:

"This PS4 game isn't supported with your PS5's current system software. We're continuing to make more PS4 games playable on PS5. Update your PS5, and then try playing the game."

What this means is that over time PlayStation will add new PS4 games to the PS5's backwards compatibility support, which means you will want to stay up to date with the latest system updates.

There's also code referencing cross-gen party chat, cloud saves, and remote game downloads, which if weren't confirmed before, have now been seemingly confirmed. And I say seemingly because while this does come from the PlayStation Store, it doesn't come in an official capacity, which means you should take all of this with a grain of salt for now.

At the moment of publishing, Sony Interactive Entertainment has not commented on this leak. If it does, we will be sure to update this post with whatever is provided.

The PlayStation 5 is set to release worldwide on November 12, priced at $400 or $500 depending on which version you cop.

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