PS5 Pro Essentially Confirmed by Sony in Unexpected Way

The PS5 Pro rumors seem to have been verified.

Sony hasn't officially announced that it's gearing up to release a PlayStation 5 Pro console, but the cat's now out of the bag in a way that one would not expect. Earlier this week, a high-profile new report came about that shed additional light on the specs and plans that Sony has in mind for the PS5 Pro. On its own, this report didn't contain a ton of vital information to go off of, but its existence has paved the way for Sony to verify its legitimacy in a surprising way. 

Earlier this week, Sony submitted a copyright claim on a YouTube video uploaded by channel Moore's Law Is Dead. The video itself happened to feature the same documentation that had been reported on by other publications regarding the specs of the PS5 Pro. While Sony didn't seem to have a problem with these written reports, it did take down the video on YouTube seemingly because it made a DMCA violation. 

Because Sony opted to make this move, though, it all but confirms that the PS5 Pro is very much real. In short, Sony wouldn't have been able to take this video off of YouTube for copyright purposes unless it was able to verify that what was shared in the video was legitimate. So while it was able to scrub this information off of YouTube, it did so at the cost of basically confirming that what was originally shown about the PS5 Pro was absolutely real. 

For the time being, the two biggest questions related to the PS5 Pro are in relation to its release date and price. Despite having so many credible leaks to go off of, there still aren't specifics tied to these two aspects just yet. Broadly, the new PS5 console is reported to be releasing at some point in the 2024 holiday season. When it comes to its price, it's also safe to assume that it will cost more than the standard PS5's current $499.99 value. More details on both of these aspects will surely come about in the months ahead whenever Sony formally lifts the veil on this upgraded PlayStation hardware.