PS5 Leak Reveals Return of Forgotten PS2 Game

A new PS5 leak has revealed the return of a forgotten PS2 game. The PS2 is the favorite console of many PlayStation fans, and not purely because of nostalgia. The PS2 had a wide range of great games. Many of these games don't hold up in 2022, but they were great for their time. The PS2 is also home to many games and series that have since been forgotten, such as BloodRayne, which is apparently coming to the PS5.

As you may know, the vampire action-adventure hack-and-slash game debuted back in 2002 via the original Xbox and the PS2, courtesy of developer Terminal Reality and publisher Majesco Entertainment. Upon release, the game garnered a lukewarm reception with critics and didn't particularly light the world on fire commercially, yet spawned a series complete with sequels and bolstered by films and comic books. In 2022, few would remember it if the game was not re-released in 2020 and 2021 via a variety of different platforms, but not the PS5. That said, the ESRB -- the organization that rates games for release in North America -- has rated the re-release for PS5, all but confirming that PS5 owners will soon be able to play the PS2 game. 

The ESRB rating makes no mention of when the game will hit PS5, but typically the ESRB only rates a game for release when that game is close to releasing. In other words, expect official news soon. Until then, take everything here with a grain of salt. While ESRB leaks of this variety are more or less bulletproof, it doesn't change the fact that as long this is all unofficial, there's a slither of a chance it won't pan out. 

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