Massive PS5 Restock at Target Taking Place This Week

A massive new restock of the PlayStation 5 is said to be taking place this week at retail storefront Target. This marks the first time that Target will have sold new PS5 units in 2022 after previously holding multiple sales over the course of the holiday season. And while one would think that retail chains might need to replenish their stock after such a busy past couple of months, this new restock at Target is said to be much bigger than many sales that we've seen in the past. 

News of this latest PS5 restock at GameStop comes by way of Jake Randall, who is a YouTuber that tracks restocks of this nature. Randall shared this week that numerous Target stores around the United States are currently sitting on high stock numbers of the PS5 and are simply waiting for a new sale that will likely take place on January 6 or January 7 to begin selling these units. At this point in time, Target itself hasn't said when this next restock might be happening, but the storefront will likely make this more apparent in the near future. 

The reason why this restock is expected to be so big comes by way of some images that Randall shared showing off the PS5 stock that some stores currently have. While Randall noted that most stores will likely only have between 20 and 40 PS5 consoles to sell, some may also have close to 200. As such, this could really be one of the strongest PS5 restocks that we have seen in quite some time. 

If you haven't attempted to buy a PS5 through one of these restocks at Target in the past, you'll likely want to prepare ahead of time. Target always releases this stock very early in the morning and doesn't warn customers very far in advance. And while these console may already be sitting in Target stores, in order to get one for yourself, you'll have to purchase the PS5 online through Target's website before then proceeding to your own local storefront to pick it up. 


If you missed out on a PS5 in the holiday rush, are you going to try to snag one in this new restock that should soon be taking place? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.