PUBG Mobile Now Has Power Armor

The mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has gotten another interesting update [...]

The mobile version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has gotten another interesting update following its patch that granted players superpowers. As part of the release made available this week, PUBG Mobile added "Power Armor" to the game. It's not quite as imposing as the Power Armor you'd see from a game in the Fallout series, but it seems like it'll be pretty valuable in PUBG Mobile through some different abilities it grants.

PUBG Mobile's Power Armor hasn't been released throughout every part of the game and is relegated instead to just one game mode, so you don't have to worry about going up against Power Armor-equipped enemies in your normal matches. If you want to see what the equipment can do for yourself, you can hop into the dedicated game mode to see the Power Armor in action.

The Power Armor set consists of three different items: The Power Arm, the Power Vest, and the Power Leg. Each component has its own unique traits and can be purchased or scavenged off of other players. Given that the equipment is armor itself, it also reduced the damage that players take as they equip it.

A preview of the Power Armor from the notes for the game's latest update offered a taste of what it can do. The same update also added a new "Matrix Event" that's live now with details on both of those features found below.

Power Armor Mode

  • Power Arm: Heavy Punch, allows you to knock down enemies quickly.
  • Power Vest: Overload, increases maximum backpack capacity.
  • Power Leg: Dash, fly forward a certain distance while in the air.
  • Complete the set for a surprise!

Matrix Event

  • Combat Hotspot: Matrix Crates and advanced supplies are here. Use this area to advance quickly!
  • Airdrops: Power Armor now included to gear up faster!
  • Life Detector: Detects the location of nearby enemies

PUBG Mobile's Power Armor mode is live now across all available devices for players to try out.