PUBG Update Adding a 1v1 Mode

PUBG: Battlegrounds is adding a new feature soon that'll finally let players prove their skills in contained, structured, 1v1 matches. This is made possible by the addition of the 1v1 Arena battleground coming to the game's Training Mode on both the PC and console platforms. It's a new feature that operates exactly as its name suggests with multiple players able to sign up for their turn in the arena to go a few rounds with another player, and it'll be added to the game in the next update.

Krafton and the PUBG team talked about the new mode in the latest rundown of the patch notes for the game's next big update that's coming soon. When heading to the Training Mode after Patch 17.2 drops, you'll have the opportunity to interact with different sign-up boards around the area to put your name down for a best-of-two 1v1 match. Simply wait a while after that like you would during a normal matchmaking process and you'll eventually be dropped into the arena to fight against someone else. If you don't want to be the one fighting but you do want to see others do battle, you can be a spectator instead.

Aside from being a training opportunity, the 1v1 Arena is also the perfect way to kill some time or get yourself ready for a more competitive match. That's because you can queue up for a 1v1 fight while you're searching for a ranked game, but you'll have to leave the 1v1 once a match is found which may result in a loss or a tie based on how the previous rounds played out. You can't, however, participate in other activities while you're waiting for your turn to 1v1 someone.

"While waiting for your turn to enter a 1v1 match, you will not be able to enter other training areas such as the Aim/Sound Lab, private indoor target practice, or Jump School," the patch notes said. "Attempting to do so will cause a message to pop up asking if you'd like to cancel your 1v1 matchmaking."


Players begin the match with a Level 3 vest, helmet, and backpack as well as two primary weapons and one secondary which are decided on based on what you were holding before the match started. The full details on this feature can be seen here in the patch notes, and the patch itself is scheduled to release on May 11th for the PC and May 18th for consoles.