PUBG Adds Wizards and Barbarians During Limited-Time Mode

While many companies have opted to forgo April Fools’ Day events this year, some like PUBG Corp. have decided to proceed with more light-hearted ones that are less about tricks and more about entertaining, limited-time features. That’s the case with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which now has several odd classes like the Wizard and Barbarian class that are available for a short duration during a mode called “Fantasy Battle Royale.” It’s a game mode that’s only available for a week, and it’s basically a big LARPing experience fit into the battle royale formula of PUBG.

The Fantasy Battle Royale game mode was introduced this week and is live now in PUBG until April 7th. In the game mode, players do battle on Erangel, the original map that’s now called “Dragon’s Isle” for the purpose of the event. You play in teams of four with 80 players in each match and use each of the classes that have their own unique abilities, advantages, and disadvantages.

The four classes are the Barbarian, Ranger, Wizard, and Paladin. Some of them heal teammates while others just want to smash people to bits, so it’ll be interesting to see what type of meta develops in this fantasy battleground in the week that it’s available.

Players can find unique items throughout the map to upgrade their gear and raise their characters’ power levels. There’s also a store and missions available during the event, but PUBG Corp. said it made sure all the rewards can be earned without spending money so that players can use their real-world money on essential things.

While the mode is a goofy one, PUBG Corp. said it could also have some implications on the base version of PUBG since it allows the devs to test certain things.


“Even a silly event mode has its uses, though,” PUBG Corp. said. “Fantasy BR has given us the opportunity to test a few new ideas in a real (but fantasy) (but still real) environment. A big part of Battle Royale is survival and we’ve been curious what crafting on the Battlegrounds might look like. Fantasy BR gave us the perfect opportunity to try out a crafting system and as such, the vast majority of the loot you’ll find in Fantasy BR consists of crafting components used to improve the items you begin with. Utilizing fantasy classes, such as the Paladin, had the added bonus of finally letting us test a certain shield we teased out to you all a little too soon.”

PUBG’s Fantasy Battle Royale mode is now live until April 7th.