Rainbow Six Siege Brand New Teaser Trailer Introduces Zofia, The Latest Operator

Earlier this week, we unveiled one of the three new operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege before [...]


Earlier this week, we unveiled one of the three new operators coming to Rainbow Six Siege before Ubisoft had a chance to cover up their mistake. Now that we've met the latest hacker, it's time to meet another new operator: Zofia.

The latest expansion is a Korean-inspired setting under the name of White Noise and it's almost here. To prepare for the new season, Ubisoft has been slowly revealing more and more new content that we can look forward to including new maps and new characters. One of those characters goes by the name of Zofia, and we're not afraid to admit that she is a bonafide badass. Check her out in the trailer below:

Zofia promises the pain with a plethora of weaponry at her disposal, including a double-barrel grenade launcher that makes it to where any wall doesn't stand a chance. Her concussive rounds also seem similar to that of Ela's trip mines, for anyone familiar with those mechanics.

She also looks more advanced than other characters in her class, making her agility more efficiently functional regarding the ability to shoot through obstacles with no reload. So far, this was just a teaser - so we'll have to wait until Ubisoft plans her big reveal to learn just what Zofia brings to the table!

Rainbow Six Seige's White Noise goes into test servers on November 20th with a release date slated for the week after. For more info on what Operation White Noise promises players, directly from Ubisoft:

"Two new Operators from the 707th Special Mission Battalion (707th SMB) are joining Team Rainbow. The attacker is stubborn and daring while the defender is methodical and tenacious. We're also bringing you a new GROM Operative in the mix, known for their resilience and bravery.

For our new map, you'll have to look up, waaay up to explore a pristine observation tower high above Seoul's skyline. Make room for more fire power in your storage locker as we've got new weapons to satisfy your craving for more choices in dealing out devastation."