Rainbow Six Siege Surveys Players About New Modes and Experiences

Ubisoft is surveying its Rainbow Six Siege playerbase to learn more about players’ thoughts on alternate game modes or experiences in the tactical shooter. The game is mostly built around similar game modes where players control Operators and work together to eliminate other players, but some of the things referenced in the survey hint at some very different experiences. It’s worth noting that surveys like this one ask about hypothetical changes and are far from being indicators of what will definitely happen, but it’s interesting to see the areas Ubisoft is exploring.

The survey that’s found here was sent out to a few players who shared news of it on Reddit (via Wccftech) and discussed some of the noteworthy questions that the survey asked. Much of the survey dealt with Rainbow Six Siege specifically and asked about certain Operators and whether players preferred to be on the Attacker or Defender side, but it also addressed general first-person shooter queries. It asked about which modes players enjoy most in these games – solo campaign, PvE co-op, and battle royale being some of the more interesting options – and also asked what kinds of enemies players like to fight in these games.

On the next page, it asked more directly what type of hypothetical game mode players would like to see in Rainbow Six Siege specifically. The options were for various modes including team deathmatch, capture the flag, both PvP and co-op PvE modes, a solo campaign, and an open-world mode based on exploration.

Again, the fact that these answers appeared in the survey isn’t an indicator that they’ll actually be added to Rainbow Six Siege. If they ever were to be included, there’s a good chance that they’re a ways off as well. Ubisoft has said in the past though that battle royale doesn't seem like a likely addition to the game.

Players will just have to speculate about how Rainbow Six Siege may evolve until Ubisoft announces something more definite, but until then, you can take the survey yourself to voice your opinion.



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