Rainbow Six Siege Update Further Penalizes Toxic Players

The latest Rainbow Six Siege update dropped this week, and with it came a new penalty for players prone to particularly aggravating habits. Ubisoft has now officially introduced the "Reverse Friendly Fire" Reputation Penalty which will make it so that players have friendly fire directed back at them for not just one but several matches after they've purposefully fired at their own teammates too many times. This change was accompanied by a larger set of patch notes detailing everything else that's new in the latest update.

Friendly fire penalties were already in the game, and this latest penalty was revealed back in May when it was first tested, so this may sound a bit familiar to players who were already aware of some of the anti-toxicity systems Siege previously had in place. As the "Reputation" part of this penalty suggests, however, this one follows you for a few games based on your actions.

The patch notes below open with the Reverse Friendly Fire penalty and go on to cover everything else that's included in this week's update. The update itself is out as of Thursday and should be downloadable now across all platforms.

Game Health

Reputation Penalty: Friendly Fire

  • Reputation Penalty has been added that activates Reverse Friendly Fire by default for players who injure too many teammates.
  • Repeat offenders will receive a set of warnings notifying them of how they are seen by the system, and warn them to modify their play style before receiving a penalty.
  • Reputation Penalty lasts multiple matches to address disruptive behavior in-game. 



  • FIXED – Player is slowed and can't sprint if they quickly trigger Melusi's Banshee multiple times or step onto multiple of Lesion's GU mines.

Level Design

  • FIXED – Multiple LOD issues on various maps.
  • FIXED – Exploit that causes players to teleport when trying to vault over a ledge at EXT Central Sub-roof on Clubhouse map


  • FIXED – R.O.U. Projector VFX persists if the player is downed on the light screen.
  • FIXED – Grey drone filter stays on screen while looking through a teammate's drone that is caught by Mozzie's Pests.

User Experience

  • FIXED – Various UI issues.
  • FIXED – Various Caster Mode and Spectator issues.
  • FIXED – Various Shop, Customization and Battle Pass issues.
  • FIXED – Headphone icon is missing when a teammate talks in voice chat.
  • FIXED – Players can't use text or voice chat in the After Action Report screen.
  • FIXED – Various issues with Privacy options and Streamer mode.
  • FIXED – Visual issues during end of round replay and kill cam if a player is eliminated by a Nitro Cell while prone on top of a hatch.
  • FIXED – Various audio issues in menu.