Rapper 50 Cent Wants to Make a Third, More "Unique" Video Game

Rapper 50 Cent, Curtis Jackson, is no stranger to creating video games. Though his previous two [...]


Rapper 50 Cent, Curtis Jackson, is no stranger to creating video games. Though his previous two titles, 50 Cent: Bulletproof and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand, didn't do the absolute greatest ratings-wise, he still wants to make another one.

The rapper sat down for a recent interview with GameSpot to talk about his upcoming thriller Den of Thieves. Being a gaming site, it's no wonder that the topic then moved in that direction. When asked if he'd be open to making a third title, he replied: "Definitely I'm interested. I may do something based on the concept that I developed for Tomorrow, Today."

Tomorrow, Today is a series that Starz has in their upcoming line-up among in addition to his work on Power. According to the IMDB listing, Tomorrow, Today is about a veteran that was given super powers after having spent time in prison following false accusations. There, the protagonist was subjected to wild scientific experiences "against his will," creating a super soldier-esque narrative for the upcoming series.

It definitely wouldn't be a bad premise for a video game, though by no means the first time this plot device has been used. For the rapper to say that the video game would have be inspired by something "extreme," a super-powered veteran could be the perfect starting point.

He went on to elaborate on what he has for his vision and what it would take to get a third game off of the ground, "I just have to find the right concept. Everything I touch, I want to be unique. I want it to be special. And I put thought into it, because those things will be here longer than I would…when I come up with [another game], I want to make sure it's something we enjoy for a long time."

For now, we'll have to be content with his previous games already released and Den of Thieves hitting theaters today.

More about his previous games:

"In 50 Cent: Bulletproof, players take on the role of 50 as he gets caught in a web of corruption, double-crosses and shady deals that lead him on a bloody path through New York's drug underworld. Working with the unlikeliest of allies, the streets heat up as 50 Cent takes on the most dangerous crime families in the city, uncovering an international conspiracy with devastating implications.

In 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand - Take on the role of 50 Cent, the world's biggest hip-hop star, in this fastpaced arcade style 3rd person shooter - combining brutal melee counter-kills, online co-op, and exclusive new music content from 50 Cent and G-Unit."