'Ready Player One' Film Gets the Honest Trailers Treatment

Steven Spielberg's film adaptation of Ernest Cline's Ready Player One hits home video today, so Honest Trailers has decided to devote its latest episode to the film -- and it doesn't really go that easy on it.

While the movie does differ a little bit from the book (we know you Ultraman fans are still a bit sore), it still delivers quite a bit of entertainment. But the Honest Trailer is quick to point out how much it leans on pop culture. "Do you like references? Because this movie has more references than a Big Bang Theory episode about the Justice League challenging the Avengers to an Anime Edition of Trivial Pursuit full of obvious nerd touchstones," the narrator notes.

But before that, he's a bit on the bleak side. "So this is how imagination dies, with thunderous applause."

He also notes how the character selections aren't exactly that novel, with Tyler Sheridan's character looking like "a Na'vi that joined a boy band."

He also notes that, with all the running around you do within the Oasis, the "whole experience probably smells like ass," and then suggests Sheridan's character crack a window in the van he's in.

The narrator also takes objection to a couple of things. First off, the facial birthmark of one of the characters (c'mon, it's not that bad, guy) as well as the use of the word "Gunters," which is short for "Easter Egg hunters." But you can't take it too seriously. He actually suggests at one point that someone should enter the Oasis as a gigantic bag of Funyuns. (Like, what would stop other players from devouring you? Seriously.) Gotta love the talking Raptor reference from Jurassic Park III as well. ("Alan!")

Other things brought up including "Kubrick being so hard up for cash that he sold The Shining to Universal Studios Florida," as well as the joke about the There's Something About Mary hairdo (part of the 90's reference riff) and a comparison to today's American scene. "Good one, Steve!"


You can watch the Ready Player One Honest Trailer above. You may not agree with all its points, but it does have some humorous jobs. "Oh, cool, T.J. Miller's in this...said absolutely no one."

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