'Ready Player One' Extended Spot Shows First Superman Reference and New Scenes

This morning we have a fresh look at an extended TV spot for Ready Player One, which hits theaters everywhere on March 29. Don't blink, because over the next 60 seconds you're going to see Spartans from Halo, the Iron Giant, King Kong, and even our first Superman reference! See if you can spot all of that and more in the trailer above!

Ready Player One tells the story of Wade Watts. In the year 2045, the world has pretty much reached its terminal limit in regard to population and distribution of wealth. Wade, and most of his generation, is forced to live out their lives in rickety, vertical slums, with very little hope of escape or advancement in life. In order to escape the misery of the real world, denizens of this dystopia literally break into a new world; a virtual world. The Oasis.

In the Oasis you can pretty much do anything you want to do, but more importantly, you can be anyone you want to be. It's the ultimate escape, and the ultimate power trip. Who wouldn't want to be in control of a place like that?!

As it turns out, the collective virtual world soon finds itself in a race to find a mysterious Easter egg which grants the winner the power to rule of The Oasis. As you might imagine, a power struggle ensues which spans both the real and virtual world, and Wade finds himself in the middle of it.

Warner Bros. is going all out, and is spending lavishly to get these TV spots in front of viewers everywhere. On Tuesday Variety reported that Warner Bros. was has spend almost $10 million on TV advertising for Ready Player One, which has been airing to, surprisingly, mainly sports fans. TV spots have been showing up during the Winter Olympics, during college basketball games, and during UFC fights. Wherever there are young people watching, that's where Warner Bros. wants these ads playing, and it's spending lavishly to make that happen.


With every trailer our excitement mounts higher. We really do think that this is going to be something very special, and Ready Player One definitely has the pop culture appeal to smash some box office records. Hang on to your hats, ladies and gents, because we could be looking at one of the biggest movie events of 2018! Stay tuned for more coverage, which will be coming your way soon as we approach the premiere.